Our Services

We provide a geotechnical engineering services for residential, commercial and infrastructure related projects. Our engineers have been actively involved in the reinstatement of damaged property and infrastructure following the Canterbury and Kaikoura Earthquakes.

We can support your project from concept design to construction and beyond. We are experts on the New Zealand Building Regulations. With vast knowledge and experience in this area we can provide a peer review service (PS2 review) for designers and regulatory review advice for building consent authorities (BCA’s).

Contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Geotechnical Investigation

Our geotechnical investigation reports are relied upon by Architects, Structural Engineers and Surveyors to complete their designs and to inform local Councils of relevant geotechnical hazards associated with sites and how these will be avoided, remedied, or mitigated.

We can offer this service to your project, whether it be a small-scale investigation to support minor alterations or a suite of site testing and detailed analysis for intensive developments, large scale land use changes and new subdivisions.

Design & Construction

We can support your project with a design and construction motioning service. Our services include:

– Foundation Design
– Retaining Wall Design
– Ground Improvement
– Embankment Design
– Slope Stabilisation
– Expert Peer Review (PS2)
– Construction Monitoring Review (PS4)
– Exempt Building Work – Engineering Review

Griffin and Associates Ltd can deliver a full professional service as Engineer to the Contract (NZS3910); or as a owner’s representative.

Forensic Work & Expert Opinion

Forensic engineering involves the detailed examination and analysis of failures.

Our engineers work with insurers and property owners. We can provide a complete service, from a basic walkover appraisal to reports and professional opinion for court hearings.

We are experts in the New Zealand building code and regulations. We can provide advice on regulatory matters, such as compliance of earthquake repairs.


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