Technical References

Griffin and Associates Ltd are committed to engineering best practice. Our engineers are experienced industry professionals and maintain their competence with continuing professional development.

Following the 2010/2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence, the Department of Building and Housing (now the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) published guidance and set new requirements for development. Recent changes to the New Zealand Standards require all Territorial Authorities to ensure that liquefaction potential has been considered in design.

Our engineers make regular reference to the following technical documents and websites when completing our geotechnical assessments:

Liquefaction Assessment

  • Zhang, G., Robertson, P.K. and Brachman, R.W., 2002. Estimating liquefaction-induced ground settlements from CPT for level ground. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 39(5), pp.1168-1180.

Regional Geology / Regional Geotechnical Information

Planning Matters

Published Standards and Guidance

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